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Aletta Wubben

Aletta’s abiding interest is in people that function in organisations and in particular, she has a heart for scientists. Her coaching style is result-oriented, and by combining her intuition with her analytical skills she is quick to arrive at the essence of any given issue. She is familiar with the competitive environment in which academics must realise their ambitions. As a driven musician, she once experienced what it takes to perform at the highest level.

At the age of 12 Aletta chose a career in music. After graduating from the conservatory she worked in marketing, management and personnel management in a number of profit and non-profit organisations. Her interest in people’s behaviour in organisations prompted her to expand her skills at the Academy of Psycho-Social Counselling. This was followed by many other coaching courses. In 2003 she went on secondment to the University of Delft and in 2005 she founded her own company focusing particularly on coaching and training of academic staff.

Aletta is a personal leadership coach and works mainly with professors and senior management. Aletta is a member of NOBCO.

Thomas Schmidt about Aletta: "I like the way Aletta works. She asks all the right questions. It makes me far more aware of how I behave at work and why. And the fact that we defined clear goals before we started makes it all efficient and practical. It has been a very useful experience for me, and frankly, I think that some form of personal coaching would be beneficial for everyone.”

Frans van der Helm about Aletta: "Aletta doesn't psychologize you but just shows you mirror which makes you to understand yourself more." 

René Overgauw about Aletta: "Aletta knows how academics work and think and she teaches you how to anticipate their behavior. To do that, she doesn't use general management theories from handbooks; her coaching focuses on the reality of everyday practice. This means we can put our lessons learned directly into practice which is very motivating. Aletta is not afraid to be honest and she communicates very openly and directly where and how things can be improved. That may be confrontational, but it's very effective."

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