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A training course is an opportunity to meet colleagues and talk to them about matters that may not be mentioned in another setting. This leads to recognition and a useful exchange of knowledge and experience. 

Our training style is geared towards letting people experience and discover what works best for them. Lecturing is kept to a minimum. After all, we work with clever people and they are perfectly capable of studying the theoretical bases. We use various methods that appeal to learning styles, such as hearing, seeing, experiencing, thinking and acting. The training is not reduced to practicing a number of tricks but becomes a useful tool to be integrated into the work practice of the organisation.   

Training courses include:
. Situational leadership
. Starter course academic leadership
. Acquisition and Earning power
. Academic visibility
. Influencing
. Negotiating
. Personal effectiveness 
Effective communication
. The art of communication
. Time management
. Intercultural communication
. Work-life balance
. Stress coping skills
. Presentation
. Mastering your PhD
. Administrative skills.

Trainings can be designed according to clients’ wishes, or offered as short workshops.



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