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Prof. dr. Frans van der Helm

Prof. dr. Frans van der Helm is Professor in biomechatronics and bio-robotics at Delft University of Technology.

Within my research area, I work with many different people. I am in charge of multilple research consortia which means I deal with a large team of scientists from different universities. But also within my own university, TU Delft, my attention goes to the various study groups. But there are only 24 hours in one day, which means 'my own' work sometimes falls through. That is why I decided to find out how I want to proceed my career and what I can do to make my daily work better.

Together with Aletta, I went looking for my motives and values in both work and in life. By doing that, it also became clear what my concerns and doubts are and what creates tension in my work. We really got to the bottom of things. And with very positive results. Previously, I made my decisions on rational and strategic grounds, now use my intuïtion and emotion more. And to be honest, that is much more in line with how scientific research works, where you use your intuïtion to ask questions and formulate hypotheses. Aletta creates a nice atmosphere which creates mutual trust. To have a click with your coach is crucial in order to made a coaching course succeed, and we had that click. Aletta doesn't psychologize you but just shows you mirror which makes you to understand yourself more.

Concretely, this resulted in that I don't get ahead of myself anymore. To be more aware is an important step towards change. Because then you think profoundly about what you want for yourself instead of making decisions in service of others. Eventually, that change benefits the organization as a whole. Yes, I now work on less projects at the same time, but I don't have the feeling anymore that I fail anyone or anything. There is more attention and I stand for what I do. Every organization is all about the people that work in it. And if you care for those people and you continue to invest in their personal development, it will always pay out (carrie: I mean here that if you invest in people, you'll get a return on investment because it benefits your organization)”

December 2016

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