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Inge Bongers

Inge’s coaching style is enthusiastic, personal and focused on result. She finds it easy to relate to people and is quick to pinpoint what lies at the heart of the issue she’s presented with. Inge’s point of departure is the ‘here and now’ and her priority is providing the tools the client needs to make the next step. 
After studying business economics she worked in various HR functions, both in the profit and the non-profit sector. She is also a psychology graduate and an alumna of the School for Coaching.
Inge understands the dynamics of organisations and is able to place the need for development in its organisational context. Inge is a member of STiR.

Leonie Schroten over Inge: "Inge came across as warm-hearted and well-prepared. Her coaching approach was structured and she was focused on the end result throughout. She would formulate explicitly what it was I wanted to achieve at least once every session so everything we discussed with that particular goal in mind. That made for a clear path. Her decisiveness enables her to see what really matters very quickly." 

Saskia de Wit over Inge: "Inge always asked the right questions, keeping a proper balance between experience and objective theory. Far from suggesting she knew all the answers she engaged me in a joint search for a way ahead."

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